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Executive Director Update
August 2014

Stepping up to Leadership:
We are extremely grateful for the many CCAE members who provide dedicated leadership for their Sections and Chapters over many years, yet it is particularly exciting to see the new faces that step up to assume the duties of treasurer, membership coordinator, event planner, secretary or offices involving even more responsibility. This fresh energy is critical to the health and evolution of our professional organization. Whether you assist on a conference planning team, as a legislative advocate or board officer, you will be part of a team that provides a noble service to your adult education colleagues and students. In addition, if your experience is similar to mine, you will stretch your leadership skills and develop valued long-term friendships. We currently have a significant representation of teachers and support staff in leadership positions and would very much like to see this representation expand. Let your local Chapter or Section President know you are ready to help out!   

Membership = Strength:
Statewide membership increased by 12.8% last year, thanks in good part to individuals like you who invited a colleague to join. That's over 310 new voices championing adult education and supporting CCAE's mission of providing quality staff development, staff recognition and legislative advocacy. Please continue to spread the word.

Regular Membership Benefits:
• The camaraderie and solidarity of 2700 adult educators
• Opportunities for Excellence Awards nominations
• Staff training to enhance your work success
• Access to low cost healthcare
• Timely emails with adult education updates and alerts
• Opportunities for legislative advocacy
• Enrollment in COABE - our national literacy organization affiliate
• Membership rates for regional and state CCAE events
• More details at  

Member Drives begin in August or September depending upon school, service areas and chapter's timelines. It is extremely helpful if site leaders foster opportunities for staff to learn about CCAE's mission. These might include social events, presentations to staff, sign-up tables, renewal or new member incentives, membership drawings, electronic newsletters or even more creative outreach ideas.

Is Your School an Institutional Member? Last year, 57 adult schools took a stand to directly support the work of CCAE by registering as Institutional Members. Included with institutional membership is a beautiful wall plaque, acknowledgment on our state website and conference program, and full membership rights for two staff members named by that institution. Go to  for an Institutional Membership enrollment form.

Able to make a larger financial contribution? Consider becoming a Golden Circle Member at the $150 per year level or enroll in the new Diamond member category at $250. Members will receive a plaque, listing on the CCAE website and mention in the conference program. Most importantly, you will strengthen CCAE's ability to advocate, provide training and celebrate excellence. 

Jerry Green
CCAE Executive Director


AB86 Update
August 2014

By now many of you have participated in Regional Consortium planning to coordinate strategies between K-12 based Adult Schools and the Community Colleges to better serve adult learners.  The first quarterly report from each of the consortia was due on July 31st.  This first report focused in on Objectives 1, 2 and 4 of what the State Workgroup and the Legislation states in AB 86 asking for each consortium to gather.  The objectives are:

  • An evaluation of current levels and types of adult education programs within its region, including education for adults in correctional facilities; credit, noncredit, and enhanced noncredit adult education coursework; and programs funded through Title II of the federal Workforce Investment Act, known as the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (Public Law 105-220).
  • An evaluation of current needs for adult education programs within its region.
  • Plans to address the gaps identified pursuant to paragraphs (1) and (2).

We will now be able to see what we currently offer throughout the state in Adult Education.  We will also be able to see what our current needs will be as a result of not only the cuts to Adult Education but other events that have taken place in California that may drive what we must do for adults seeking education and re-training.  An initial draft of the statewide data on these objectives should be available in the next few months. 

In the meantime, please keep participating in Regional Consortia activities.  Last month the CASAS Summer Institute put on an amazing session which I was a panel member, attracting over 200 California Adult Educators to discuss AB 86.  Entitled "AB 86- California Consortia: Sharing Progress, Plans and Challenges" this session provided a forum to learn about the successes, challenges and opportunities that have been presented to us as we have been planning for the future of Adult Education.  For a link to the powerpoint, click here.  

If you would like to share what you are doing for planning of your Regional Consortium in this column, please drop me a line 

Chris Nelson
CCAE Past President


Supporters of Adult Education Update

imgThank you for being one of over 3,223 supporters of Adult Ed who have signed up to receive important information about the current dismantling of the State's Adult Education program that has been in existence since 1856. The first class was held in the basement of St. Mary's Cathedral on Grant Avenue in San Francisco. Since that time, the Adult Education program grew to serve over 1.2 million students. Now, statewide enrollments are estimated to be down to 600,000 students and the total is continuing to drop each year.

By joining this email group you will be receiving information on what is happening both locally and at the state level that is affecting Adult Education. Honestly, we are expecting most news will be bad UNLESS we act in a coordinated way to express to decision makers the importance of Adult Education and how their decisions are having detrimental effects on the program. We need your voice!


In these emails you will not only get the status of Adult Ed but you will also, at times, be asked to act. This could mean sending a letter to your representatives, calling their offices, attending a school board meeting or possibly traveling to the capital to voice your concerns and opinions directly to legislators while they meet in their committees.

The battle ground to save adult education continues to reside within the Legislature.  Continue to make calls and send letters and emails to your legislators. Be sure to copy our office at or fax 866-941-5129 so we may present hard copies when lobbying the issue. Please encourage others to join the Supporters of Adult Education campaign to keep the pressure on the Legislature to save adult education.

Contributed by:

Steve Curiel
CCAE South Coast Past President





The Communicator
August 2014

Executive Director's Message
Legislative Update
Mission Possible Encrypted Message
AB86: Regional Consortium
OTAN Professional Development
CALPRO Professional Development

Legislative Update and Call to Action Webinar

Missed the Legislative Update and Call to Action Webinar on July 31 hosted by CCAE’s Legislative Liaison, Dawn Koepke?  Click on the following link for a full recording of this critical training.   

2015–2016 Legislative talking points

It is absolutely critical that legislators (and their staff) hear directly from their constituents about the looming risk for their local adult schools to be able to continue to provide services to those most at risk in their communities.

While we are engaged in the development of local regional consortium plans as provided under AB 86 (2013), the concern for the future existence of K12 adult schools is at an all time high. The two-year maintenance of effort (MOE) as provided for in the 2013 budget is set to expire July 1, 2015. Unfortunately, after that date there is no funding currently available to support K12 based adult education—despite the regional consortia process. More...

2015–16 Budget Timeline
2015–16 Budget Myth vs. Fact
2015–16 Budget Sample NASCAR Letter
2015–16 Budget Talking Points
CCAE Section Legislator Responsibilities


Over the past few months we have heard loud and clear, from around the state, concerns regarding the timing of funding for K-12 based adult education. This certainly is making things tenser than ever with the general uncertainty you are faced with in your district, as well as within the regional consortia planning process. The concerns have not gone unheeded—we agree the timeline before us is incredibly concerning. We fully understand the need to provide clarity, certainty, and funding for districts, well ahead of the March lay-off notice deadlines. In this regard, it is absolutely critical that the Department of Finance (DOF) and Administration get it right in their January budget proposal. There will be no coming back from a bad January proposal, and we well know that recovery with a better May Revise will be too late for virtually all adult schools. More...

OTaN Professional Development

OTAN is announcing a Request for Proposals for the Community Model of Online Learning project. Three pilot projects will be established to increase the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of online and blended instruction to support adult learners. Applicants must be a California-based, Workforce Investment Act, Title II, Adult Education and Family Literacy Act-funded agency with a history of success serving adult learners. For more information, please visit OTAN and log in. If you are not yet an OTAN member, it is free. Just select the "Register here!" link to enroll.


Want To Know About CALPRO Workshops?

There's still time to get in on CALPRO's professional development offerings before the start of another school year! For the first time ever, Community of Practice:  Evidence-Based Reading Instruction is being offered in Northern California. The deadline is nearly here, so submit your institutions' applications right away! Additionally, Rubrics Revealed: How Rubrics Support ESL Learner Self-Assessment webinar will be offered in August. You can register here for these and other summer events.

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